Will A Manufactured Home Build Equity?
Will A Manufactured Home Build Equity?

Will A Manufactured Home Build Equity?

The BIG question! Will a new Manufactured Home build actual equity?

Before we get into details, the short answer is YES! Manufactured Homes built by reputable builders that are affixed to permanent foundations hold the same value as traditionally-built homes. In today’s housing market there are many factors that play into the value of a home. For instance, the property type and location play a big role. Next will be whether or not the home is affixed to a permanent foundation, with or without basement access. This can be done via standard transport and setup, or crane-set installations where the axles and tires are fully removed and the home is permanently secured. Depending on your local housing authorities and/or HOA requirements, the drainage plan and landscaping will also be a major factor in the homes ultimate property value. 

A newly built Manufactured Home is an affordable investment for both families and entrepreneurs. 

The clear affordability and rise in quality materials with Manufactured Homes has created a major opportunity for both home owners and property investors. Building your dream layout has never been easier and more affordable. Manufactured Homes offer some of the most creative and modern layouts “floorplans” you’ll see. From porch front entry single-section homes to multi-section and two-story designs, all utilizing the latest materials and technology to create attractive, energy efficient homes that will grow in value just like traditionally-built homes. 

To learn more about Manufactured Homes and see what’s available in your area Contact Us, and our knowledgeable team here at Faver’s Homes in Farmington, NM will happily answer any questions you may have. 


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